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If you plan to buy or try Food Lovers diet, then you’ve come to the right place. I made this site to share my experiences with this diet and to provide you with a complete Food Lovers diet review. You can check out my Food Lovers diet page to learn more about me and how I used the Food Lovers fat loss system to lose 26 lbs.

But if you’re in a hurry to try Food Lovers diet because someone close to you told you about their own success with this diet, then continue reading on.

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Here’s What You Get When You Try Food Lovers Diet Program

When you get your trial kit of the Food Lovers fat loss diet, you’ll get all the following guides:

21-day Metabolism Makeover

This is by far the most important component when you try Food Lovers diet. It’s a simple to follow guide that will help you create healthy eating habits as well as help you reset your metabolism. By the end of this 21-day program your body’s metabolism will have naturally switched from storing fat to burning fat.

How to Make a Fat-Loss Plate

With this in your hands, you will be able to eat anything you want while still losing weight. The Food Lovers diet program will teach you how to combine your favorite foods the right way so that you can maintain your blood sugar level balanced, thus keeping your body in fat burning mode.

Eating Out Advisor

It’s never easy to follow a diet when you’re eating out. Fortunately, for those who love restaurants or often eat outside, the Eating Out Advisor will show you exactly what to eat in order to keep your body’s metabolism in high gear. And to make things even simpler, this guide includes a list of dishes to order from 25 of the most popular restaurants and fast food chains.

Food Lovers for Life

With the Food Lovers diet system, you won’t even have to worry about keeping the weight off. This guide shows you exactly what to do to keep eating the foods you love once you’ve reached your desired weight without gaining anymore fat.

Snack and Treat Guide

The Snack and Treat guide is probably the best thing that you could get when you try Food Lovers diet. If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth or have trouble fighting cravings, then you’ll surely find this useful.

There’s nearly 1,000 snacks listed in this guide, all of which have been approved by the Food Lovers fat loss system as beneficial to maintaining a high metabolism.

The Love to Eat Cookbook

Not a big fan of cooking? No worries, I wasn’t very fond of it either but now there isn’t a single that goes by that I’m not trying to cook something. The recipes in the guide are fairly easy to learn. And if you have a family, the guide will show you how to prepare tasty meals or tweak all of your family’s favorite meals to be healthier and leaner.

Million Meals Menu Planner

This guide is for people who don’t really like to plan out meals in advance. The Million Meals Menu Planner gives you 1 million menu combinations to keep your body’s metabolism revved up with foods that you already have at home. It’s a great time saver!

Fat Loss Secrets Day-by-Day CD Series

The Food Lovers diet plan makes sure to keep you motivated with their day-by-day CDs. Everyday, as I listened to a CD I learned something new that I could immediately apply to my lifestyle in order to keep eating the foods I love without having to worry about getting fat. It’s like Mr. Robert Ferguson was right by my side helping me and keeping me motivated along the way.

Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards

Simple versions of your favorite comfort foods. These recipe cards will show you how to make your comfort foods healthier to eat.

Try Food Lovers Fat Loss System and Get 2 Free Bonuses!

Gift #1: Rapid Results Workout DVD

I’m not a big a fan of exercising but because these workouts are less than 15 minutes long, I’ve been able to complete them on a consistent basis.

Gift #2: 7-day Sizedown

This is a quick detox program to help you on your way. Unlike other detox programs, this one doesn’t deprive you of anything and doesn’t require you to make drastic changes in a short period of time.

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