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My Food Lovers Diet Menu | My Advice On Using it

When I followed my Food Lovers diet menu, I was surprised at how adaptable it was to my lifestyle because I lead a rather busy life. Not only was it time-efficient but it was also very simple to follow. In fact, you can check out my Food Lovers diet review to see what it did for me.

My Food Lovers Diet Plan

How The Food Lovers Diet Menu Fits Any Lifestyle

As you probably already know, when you try Food Lovers‘ diet you get a bundle of guides to help you with your weight loss. Each one of these components serve a specific purpose. Whether you’re on the go or planning a meal for your family, the Food Lovers diet has it all covered. The trick is to master the ones you think will suit you best. I’m going to show you exactly how I made use of them to lose 26 lbs! :D

My Food Lovers Diet Advice

My #1 Advice – Don’t Procrastinate

The first thing I did when I received my Food Lovers diet kit was to familiarize myself with its content. It was fairly easy and simple to read but took me a whole week to finish mostly because of my work. One thing I’d like to mention here is that you should not delay the readings.

If you’ve bought diet products in the past, then you should already know the consequences of procrastination… No Action, therefore, No Results! And in most cases, whatever you bought just ends up accumulating dust in the corner of your house. I still have some stuff I bought a few years back and never used. I keep them as a reminder of what happens when I procrastinate :P .

Once I was done familiarizing myself with my Food Lovers diet plan, I took a couple of days (3 to be exact) to plan out my menu. It’s fairly easy even with work. I simply took the “Million Meals Menu Planner” guide and selected a few combinations for the week.

If I planned on eating outside, I’d refer to the “Eating Out Advisor” guide on what to order. And if the restaurant I went to wasn’t listed in the guide, then I’d copy a variety of recipes onto my cellphone and try to order something as similar to them in composition as possible.

My #2 Advice – Plan Ahead of Time

Honestly, there’s no diet that’s easier to plan out than the Food Lovers diet program.  The guides make choosing meals a walk in the park and the selection of ingredients very convenient and fast. Even today, as I’m writing this post, I still plan my meals ahead of time. Why? Because it helps solve my problem of not having enough time and also makes sure that I don’t “skip”, while on the diet. You can learn more about how the Food Lovers diet program made cooking more enjoyable here.

My #3 Advice – Variety is Key To Health & Momentum

I like to add as much variety as I possibly can into my Food Lovers diet menu. Not only is variety strongly recommended by experts for its healthy benefits but I also noticed that it was much easier to stay motivated when I changed up my meals every now and then. It was easy with all the guides but it did take me some time to learn how to prepare and cook the different dishes. Was it worth it? Absolutely~~!

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